Type of Social Media

Type of Social media

1. Social networks – the core social platforms in most countries where people interact through social networks are Facebook for consumer audiences, LinkedIn for business audiences, Google Plus and Twitter for both.

2. Social publishing and news – nearly all newspapers and magazines, whether broad or niche, now have an online presence with the option to participate through comments on articles, blogs or communities.

3. Social commenting in blogs – a company blog can form the hub of your social media strategy and you can look at tapping into others’ blogs whether company or personal or through blog outreach.

4. Social niche communities – these are communities and forums independent of the main networks, although these do support sub-groups. You can create your own community this way.

5. Social customer service – sites like GetSatisfac-
tion as well as companies’ own customer support forums are increasingly important for responding to customer complaints.

6. Social knowledge – these are reference social networks like Yahoo! Answers, Quora and similar plus Wikipedia. They show how any business can engage their audience
by solving their problems and subtly showing how products have helped others.

7. Social bookmarking – the bookmarking sites like Delicious (www.delicious.com) which are relatively unimportant in the UK except if you are engaging technical audiences.

8. Social streaming – rich and streaming media sites including photos (Pinterest), video and podcasting.

9. Social search – search engines are becoming more social with the ability to tag, comment on results and most recently, vote for them through Google +1.

10. Social commerce – we’ve left this one until last, because it’s mainly relevant for the retail sector. It involves reviews and ratings on products and sharing of coupons on deals.

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