5 Urban Fun Marketing Ideas

1 Step out offline

In a digital world, there are something to be told for going fun and doing some IRL Marketing. Go earlier era with posters and flyers in Local cafes, do some sidewalk arts and writing. This strategy is good for attracting local based businesses, however for global business too.

step out offline fun marketing

1.2 Mural Commission

Many house owners and landlords are giving permission to decorate the compound wall/ prominent building side with a large mural on a commission basis. Get permission from such land to decorate.

Mural Commission-Fun Marketing ideas

1.3 Utilize your surroundings

Think and implement your imaginative to utilize your urban surroundings for potential marketing.

surrounding fun marketing

1.4 Unusual sponsorships

Think creatively to grab these kind of unique marketing opportunities you wont fine nowhere. Citi Bank sponsored citibikes. Now wherever it rides it will promote city bank.


1.5 Put some fun into your receipts

Print origami-folding instruction on the back of your receipts, cartoons, jokes or any fun facts. This is how fun brands do. So your consumers will see something interesting than usual boring text.


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