The changing consumer preferences of new mommies

This year, Mother’s Day was celebrated like never before, with people taking a moment to click selfies with their mothers. From children to movie stars, one could see love and affection for their moms flooding across all social channels.

As Mother’s Day was the trending topic on the social media, let’s take a peek into the changing consumer preferences, purchasing criteria and media preferences of women who become mothers. A recent poll revealed that motherhood changed the way women thought about brands and the way they used media. The results showed that U.S. millennial moms spend more time with media, due to smartphones.


The poll showed that 8 in 10 millennial moms surveyed use their smartphone while shopping. The figures show that 62% search for and download coupons, 51% look for relevant recipes, 46% text people to get their opinions, and 44% searched for or read product reviews.

When it comes to media consumption habits, smartphones stay ahead in the race. After becoming a mom, women are more likely to shop online when it comes to electronics and clothes. But, only 9% of them opted for shopping for groceries online.

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