Social Media Marketing Automation Tools Enhance Customer Relationships

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Marketers are fast switching to the social channels, but how many of them are making the most of it? Sometimes, even 24 hours won’t be sufficient to complete a task. That’s the case with small businesses around the world. The business owner has so many things to handle and it becomes nearly impossible to manage social media single-handedly. That’s where Marketing Automation Tool enters. The tool helps users to save time and avoid the physical management of posts. Moreover, one can also build and maintain customer relationships by communicating with the targeted consumers in a stronger way.

Segregate and communicate

Some Marketing Automation Tools give a user the freedom and convenience to connect with a specified target group. For instance, a person who recently purchased a coat can be approached by a scarf marketer, who can encourage that person to buy a scarf for his/her new coat. The email content will be less general and more specific. The landing page can be exclusively designed and give the viewer an impression that the marketer has reached him/her in a very personalized manner.


Less time, more results

Most mid-size businesses shy away from the social media marketing mainly because it is a time consuming activity or they don’t have enough capital or manpower to manage the same. In such cases, Marketing Automation Tools comes handy. The tools enable the business owner and the marketing person to concentrate more on the content than the posting process. This will enhance efficiency and bring more results.


Most companies are now present on the social media channels, but they are not posting very much. The activity is less and customers are not engaged. By using Marketing Automation Tools, a user can schedule their posts at a time of their choice. This keeps the page active and people engaged and entertained. The other advantage the tools provide is that marketers can target followers in different time zones without having to wake up in the middle of the night to post on their social page.

Learn and adapt

One of the unique attractions of using a Marketing Automation Tool is that it provides a comprehensive report on all aspects of social media activity – the total numbers of posts, the likes and shares received. Different tools use different methods to show the progress of a brand/service. The tools provide results in a specific manner that will help the marketer to initiate meaningful conversations with customers and thereby enhance relationships.


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