The curious change of Facebook’s organic reach

In 2014, when Facebook discussed about the decline of its organic reach, marketers wouldn’t have thought that the day is fast arriving and they will have to pay to play on its News Feed space.


Today there is a splurge of content across all social media platforms. People are sharing more images and videos than they used to a couple of years ago. Thanks to smartphones, which enables fast and easy sharing.
So, why is the organic reach declining? One reason is that the News Feed on an average displays around 1500 stories on a user’s page. As a result, competition in this space is getting tougher with more and more brands sharing stories every minute. The second reason is the way News Feed works. It displays content that’s only relevant to a user.
Apart from Facebook, many other marketing platforms on the web are witnessing a decline in the organic reach. For instance, the search engine that was once popular for driving free traffic later on witnessed competition and had to work harder to list the ones that mattered most, and finally the organic reach came to ground zero.
Now that we are at the threshold of an era wherein brands will have to pay for being seen by their fans and non-fans, it is high time that marketers take a fresh look at their social media strategy and harness the power of Facebook, in a new way.
Commercial Viability
Facebook has 1.39 billion active users and there seems to be no replacement for this channel which gives access to a powerful customer base segregated on the demographic and interest-based parameters. So it makes pure commercial sense to be on Facebook.
A Platform to Interact
Use Facebook as a platform to interact with the audience with a specific objective and measure the effectiveness from only that perspective than the general likes and shares.
Creative Content
On a paid platform, brands need to work closely with the advertising agencies in carefully weaving the communication; the right content, visual/video could drive better readership.
Buy Products to Sell Products
Make optimum use of Facebook’s ad products that will allow brands to reach their target audiences with a specific goal. By using Facebook’s open graph platform, brands should cross-link its website and Facebook page using plug-ins.
As Facebook’s organic reach fades into history, brands must now shift the focus from fans to target audiences and embrace this change to go further.

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